Our company

Doin Scrl is a cooperative company made up of three women, Martina, Giulia, and Teresa, offering tourism services that range from 360 degrees property management to travel experiences and web marketing. Our office is in La Spezia city center along with the “Experience Store“, a point of reference and starting point for discovering the area […]

La Spezia

Staying in La Spezia is a choice that more and more people traveling in the Ligurian Levant are making with pleasure. The small but lively Ligurian city is located in a truly strategic position for visiting the popular destination of the Cinque Terre, which is not fit to accommodate the large mass of tourists, and […]


Visiting Portovenere is an essential experience for those visiting the Ligurian Levant. The medieval village, dominated by the church of San Pietro and its castle, has been of great charm for generations of writers – hence the name of the Gulf of Poets – over the centuries, who flocked here to experience moments of inspiration. […]