Visiting Portovenere is an essential experience for those visiting the Ligurian Levant. The medieval village, dominated by the church of San Pietro and its castle, has been of great charm for generations of writers – hence the name of the Gulf of Poets – over the centuries, who flocked here to experience moments of inspiration. George Sand, Lord Byron, Percy Bysshe Shelley and many others made the borough a milestone one of their “Grand Tour”. This is why in Portovenere there is a cave dedicated to the English poet Lord Byron, who apparently loved diving from here for daring swimming feats.
The Portovenere cemetery itself, due to its extraordinary position overlooking the sea, was chosen by important personalities such as the mountaineer, writer, and photographer Walter Bonatti, who chose to rest here forever, in a setting of great beauty between nature and inspiration. architectures.

Undoubtedly the stunning position of Portovenere, on a peninsula that forms the western end of the Gulf of Poets, enjoys an extraordinary view, facing on one side the Gulf and on the other the open sea of the Cinque Terre.
The ancient village owes its name and its origin to a Roman temple dedicated to Venus Ericina and located on the extreme strip of land. In the Christian era the temple became a Romanesque church dedicated to St. Peter and which still honors the Saint founder of Christianity.

The village with its characteristic “palazzata” which had a defensive role against invasions from the sea, is enclosed within the walls of the mighty Doria Castle, a fortress built by the Genoese Republic in the 12th century to stem the Pisan offensive. In fact, off the coast of Portovenere the two powers fought for the dominion of the coast for a long time.

Soggiornare a Portovenere è sicuramente una scelta felice per chi vuole vivere la bellezza della natura della Liguria, caratterizzata da ardite discese verso il mare, nel mezzo della profumata vegetazione mediterranea. Portovenere is the enchantment of those who love trekking and sea, and the paths that inevitably rise towards the mountains allow you to embrace unique views between earth and blue.
Da Portovenere si può visitare in barca l’arcipelago composto dall’Isola Palmaria, la più grande della Liguria, e le piccole Tino e Tinetto, difficilmente aperte al pubblico ma comunque circumnavigabili.

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